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Kronebreen in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard   Photo: M. Sund
Colletthøgda, Kronebreen and Dronningfjella in Kongsfjorden                                                 Photo: M. Sund

Kronebreen is a grounded tidewater glacier and is one of the fastest glaciers in Svalbard with velocities of about 2 m/day. This is not caused by surge but is due to a large drainage basin of approximately 500 km² draining through a narrow channel.

Kronebreen Photo: M. Sund
Tidewater front of Kronebreen in Kongsfjorden summer 2009                                                      Photo: M. Sund

>> See Kronebreen time-lapse movie

The accumulation area of Kronebreen, Holtedahlsfonna borders on the glacier Kongsbreen, while the glacier front confluence with the glacier Kongsvegen. The surface is heavily crevassed up to 18 km from the terminus, and the calving front of Kronebreen, draining to Kongsfjorden, is one of the most active in Svalbard. The last assumed surge of Kronebreen took place in 1869.

In order to achieve  images for photogrammetrical measurements of ice velocities of the heavily crevasses frontal part of Kronebreen, a pair of cameras were installed in middle of June 2007. High resolution photos were taken every 6 hours. The average speed of the glacier during summer is 2.5 m per day.

Kronebreen Photo: M. Sund
Time-lapse camera monitoring Kronebreen                                                                                  Photo: M. Sund

Kronebreen Photo: M. Sund
Time-lapse camera monitoring Kronebreen from Colletthøgda in 2007                                       Photo: M. Sund

Kronebreen   Photo: Monica Sund
Kronebreen with Colletthøgda in the background, 2009                                                                Photo: M. Sund


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