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During winter 2008-09 the glacier system reached the advancing surge stage and has proceeded 15 km by 2013, filling the inner half of Van Keulenfjorden.

Nathorstbreen August 2012 Photo: M Sund v/SAS
Nathorstbreen advancing into Van Keulenfjorden  August 2012                          Photo: M Sund /SAS

Nathorstbreen confluence with Dobrowolskibreen in the north and with Polakkbreen and Zawadzkibreen in the south. Dobrowolskibreen started to advanced some years earlier while the other glaciers in the Nathorstbreen system started to advance during winter 2008-2009. Part of the advance has been monitored by time-lapse cameras.
>>See Nathorstbreen during surge

Part of Nathorstbreen  Photo: Trond Aagesen
Part of Nathorstbreen in 2009. Note draw down around the mountain to the left.                     Photo: T. Aagesen

Nathorstbreen by Besshø Photo: M Sund
Part of Nathorstbreen by Besshø August 2012                                                                                Photo: M. Sund

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